Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have the various parts of a MOLLE2 Large pack, how do I turn them into a pack?
A. The US Army produced this care and use manual for the MOLLE 2 Large system with detailed assembly instructions

Download Manual

Q. How does the polymer used in the pack frames and FASTmags® hold up in the cold?
A.  Our products are designed to meet the standard range of operational environments:  -40deg F to 140 deg F.  The glass transition point (when the plastic may become brittle) is below -60 deg F.

Q. Will the 1606AC/MC fit an ALICE Medium, ALICE Large or other ALICE style pack?
A.  Yes, the pack will fit either variant of the 1606 frame.  The pad set may not and it will depend on what you have.  Often ALICE style waist belts attach with one 1.5” or 2” strap, where as the 1606 frame is designed for US Army MOLLE and USMC Pack which attach with two 1” straps.